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Gadgets ‘n Stuff: Stuffed Hamburger Press

Well for heaven’s sake . . . Crate & Barrel is gonna roll over in its barrel on this one!

Yes, it’s competition time folks—not in the name calling, “Yo momma wears combat boots,” fall down, scratch-your-eyes-out, kind of competition, though.

It’s another hamburger press, but this one is made for stuffin’!

Haven’t you ever wondered how your favorite burger place manages to get a heapin’ helping of cheddar cheese, bleu cheese, chili, mushrooms, etc. inside of those burgers? No, it’s not magic, and it’s not little green men with miniscule magic wands working for hours on end with their tiny digits furiously stuffing away. What it is, however, is something far more extraordinary. Check out this little beauty . . . the Stuffed Hamburger Press from Williams-Sonoma.

Not only does it form the perfect burger, but you get to stuff it with your favorite filling. In the mood for a Turkey Burger filled with sun-dried tomatoes? It’s yours for the asking! Have a hankerin’ for a jalapeno-stuffed bison burger? Quick as a whip . . . it’s ready. How about a one pound, magnificent, colossal behemoth . . . well hell, you get the idea.

Grab a Stuffed Hamburger Press from Williams-Sonoma for a paltry $12 (plus shipping) and you could be grilling your way to burger heaven in no time.

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