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Today’s Foodism: Where the Child and the Adult Converge…

A light Father's Day meal for my hubby...

A light Father’s Day meal for my hubby…

For those who love it, cooking is at once child’s play and adult love. And cooking done with care is an act of love.

~Craig Claiborne

As one who thoroughly enjoys the creative process of cooking, these words speak to me like a soothing lullaby to a baby … music to my ears. When my creative culinary juices begin to flow and I’ve settled into a steady cadence that is soothing and comfortable, not a single kitchen ingredient is off limits if I believe it will add to the flavor of a dish. It is child’s play indeed for at times I actually catch a case of the giggles just wading in the joy of the moment. The adult within, however, soon takes over when I acknowledge my limits—such imaginary boundaries being wholly self-imposed—which still allow me to be a free spirit in the kitchen while infusing a dish with as much oomph and chutzpah as I can muster. This. Is. Exhilaration. Some of you feel it, too. We may not be cut from the same cloth, our skin tones—from the darkest dark to the palest of pale—may be dissimilar, and the languages that we speak may shine a light on our diversities, but we are nevertheless part of the same club, and the language which we do share really needs very few words … we speak with the heart of one who loves to cook. 

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