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SPIKE TV to Debut New Food Show — Casting Now for “Frankenfood”

Remember that offbeat dish that you created that everyone goes completely nuts over? You know the dish I’m talking about … it’s the one that you sort of discovered by accident when you tossed that one ingredient with that other ingredients and then all of a sudden–voila!–weird culinary greatness was born right there in your very own kitchen. Yeah, that dish.

Well that phenomenal dish could quite possibly win you $10,000!

spike tv

SPIKE, the channel that offers no apologies for men and their man cave, will play host to their first-ever food-related series, “Frankenfood.” Yes, it is what it sounds like. Dr. Frankenstein was a revolutionary and an innovator; by merging bits and pieces of this and that (albeit, cadavers), he created his baby, Frankenstein. Sure, he was mad, but the point is he presented something that the world had never seen. Now it’s your turn to do the same … except with food.

Frankenfood series host executive chef Josh Capon will be scouring the country in search of the next great culinary sensation derived from unexpected ingredients that make up unique and delicious flavors, ergo, Frankenfood. Food innovators will go toe-to-toe with one another in a bid to see whose wacky-but-oh-so-workable dish will reign supreme. Sharp Entertainment, producers of the show, are looking for all types from experienced chefs to home cooks with the caveat that they come to the table (no pun intended) with out-of-the-box thinking and food combinations. The winning concoction will not only earn the $10,000 cash grand prize, but it will also be featured on the menu of a local popular restaurant. By the way, that’s a cash prize of $10,000 per episode, with 10 30-minute episodes ordered already.

It will be up to the judges–Josh Capon and Tony Luke, Jr., along with a rotating panel of culinary experts–to determine which dish is just mouthwatering enough, just creative enough, just innovative enough, just outlandish enough, to take home the prize.

Want to be a Contestant on Frankenfood?

From the casting notice, “SPIKE is looking for food lovers across America with EXTREME food creations to compete in an exciting new food competition show. Whether you bake, grill or fry, now is your big chance to win a cash prize and possibly get your dish featured on a restaurant menu. … This is not a gross-out food show. Nor is it a fancy cooking show. We’re looking for REAL dishes that pack a punch and will blow the minds out of expert food judges.”

Still interested? Then you’d better hurry – casting slots are filling up quickly.

For contestant consideration, send your name, address, phone number, a photo of you and your dish, along with a brief description of yourself and how you created your dish to

Good luck!

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